The Government have provided all school with COVID-19 catch-up premium funds.

We will be using these funds to contribute towards the cost of improving the outdoor learning environment at Hope High School.

All our pupils are vulnerable and have EHC plans, so learning from home may have been particularly challenging. In particular pupils with ADHD, social communication and interaction and sensory needs find a stagnant learning environment difficult to engage with. Pupils cognitive abilities are negatively affected my lack of visual and kinaesthetic engagement.

Many of our pupils come from deprived socio-economic backgrounds. Access to opportunities to engage with outdoor learning environments which meet individual needs may be limited.

Outdoor workspace can support after school activities increasing what school can offer to the most vulnerable pupils and family offering respite and additional support by highly trained practitioners. Whilst avoiding adding to teacher workload and ensuring pupils are in the best possible mental state to access their learning

Physical activity and opportunity to engage with sensory equipment will support the emotional wellbeing and positive mental health of all pupils.

Access to outdoor learning environment will enable pupils experience success in school early on: pupils will feel that what they do in school across the curriculum and in individual interventions supports all areas of their mental health and wellbeing- this will motivate them across the curriculum to continue to enable to access the learning environment appropriately.

Check out some of the plans that may be coming to our school very soon!