As part of our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our pupil’s, Hope High school commission a Specialist Teacher and Speech and Language Therapist to provide a high-quality individualised and specialist learning support service to the young people in school.  They work in close collaboration with each other and with our established provision within school, such as the Learning Resource facility and Nurture Class, to ensure that a holistic approach to supporting all pupil’s needs is provided. 


Melanie Cookson: Speech and Language Therapist

As the Speech and Language Therapist at Hope High school I work with pupils in school identified as having Speech, Language and Communication Needs; either through their Education and Health Care Plans, by school staff or their parents/carers. 

I provide specialist assessment of children’s speech, language and communication needs, as well as individual and small group therapy to support their needs identified through assessment.  In addition to this, I work within class to ensure that language and communication is integral to the learning environment, and provide training, strategies and advice for staff to support the language needs of all pupils within school.

Speech & Language Therapy

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